dysphoria facts


  • your chest is not as big as you think it is
  • male chests are not 100% flat
  • it is natural for males to have a slight bump
  • dysphoria will trick you into believing that there is a large bump but there isn’t
  • your chest is flat
  • one binder is enough, never use more than one binder to bind your chest
  • if you really do believe that there is a bump and it is causing you distress, you may need to buy a new binder because washing/drying incorrectly and prolonged use can cause the binder to lose it’s purpose
  • 100% of the time your binder is fine though and it is just your mind telling you different
  • if you see the slightest bump, you will think it is 10x larger and worse than it actually is, but it isn’t
  • dysphoria skews your image by heightening your sex characteristics 
  • no one will notice what you are dysphoric about because often there is nothing to notice, dysphoria is just making you self conscious and distressed over parts that people would not take notice of
  • dysphoria is not your fault. you are not an inconvenience, crazy or being annoying for having dysphoria. it is a condition and you deserve help.
  • you may think your legs are super feminine, but they actually appear masculine in those straight jeans. no one notices.
  • you may have a high pitched voice, but so do many guys. there are cis men who actually sound like women and i know it causes distress, but you can deepen it.
  • you may have a baby face, but so do other cis men. they’ll just think you look young for your age.