Hey there! I've been questioning my gende…

Hey there! I've been questioning my gender recently and am kinda confused. I'm afab and my whole life I've considered myself female, but I've always disliked my chest and the fact that it shows that I'm female. I started wearing a binder and have been looking for more gender neutral clothes, but I still feel feminine. I'm just very confused and don't want to call myself anything that I'm not. Is there any gender that would fit feeling feminine but not wanting to present that way all the time?

i understand wanting to find a label and it be the only label that you use for your whole life. but that isn’t always the case. you might not find your perfect label and that’s totally okay. and if you find a label that you’re comfortable with now you might find a better one later and that’s okay too. 

something that’s important to keep in mind in general is that presentation does not equal gender. so if you don’t like presenting as female all the time then that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not cis. 

something that can indicate whether or not your cis is dysphoria. you said that you dislike your chest. do you not like it solely because it’s something that people can use to assume your gender? or do you have chest dysphoria? only you know the answer to that. 

here’s a resource that can help you find your label: