this blog is just so,,,, Yikes™ 👀 like …

this blog is just so,,,, Yikes™ 👀 like y'all do realize that pushing the whole genderflux "i can be whatever gender i want uwu" thing is hurting actually trans people. others won't take people with an actually mental disorder that need help seriously if you have people that say "i'm not male or female i'm nonbinary uwuu"

the white stripe in the middle of the trans flag represents nonbinary people. 

we’re not “pushing” anything. we’re helping genderflux and nonbinary people with positivity and giving them advice. 

how are we hurting trans people? and what do you mean “people with a mental disorder”? do you mean trans people? if you don’t mean trans people then how is being nonbinary hurting “people with a mental disorder? your ask makes no sense. 

also yes people are nonbinary. nonbinary genders have existed forever. indigenous people recognized nonbinary genders in their culture. egyptians had ideas of nonbinary genders thousands of years ago. those are just two examples. no one is being “whatever gender they want”. that’s the same argument people use against binary and nonbinary trans people.

finally, there are nonbinary trans people. just because someone is trans does not mean that they are a binary trans person.