(Please tag with #beep). I know I'm a boy…

(Please tag with #beep). I know I'm a boyflux (dfab), and ive been going by the new name Oakley for a while. But I'm not sure if that's my name. I like that name, but its not *my* name. I also don't dislike my dead name, Chloe, but I don't want people calling me that, I just want to be that, if that makes sense?? But the only name I 100% like is very "fantasy" – Xepisia or Xepi. But I don't think I could go by that in real life. Any advice? Thank you!

not disliking your birth name is totally valid, not everyone does. you can go by whatever name you want. if Xepi or Xepisia is the right name for you then use it. if you plan on legally changing your name at some point then make sure that this is the name you want to be change it to. 

if you want to try a few other names then that’s perfectly okay too. you can try as many names as you want before deciding on one. if you want to send in an ask with your name and pronouns we would be happy to do a pronoun sentence for you. send as many as you want.