Google Drive of all the pride flags in my coll…


You can download the full size of everything in one go. All the flags, resources and symbols, all the PSDs, all the combos, all the triforces.

Disclaimer: It’s pretty disorganized. But most everything is there.


The main folder is basically my to-do list as well as a few of the most common templates. 

If you wanna help out and redo some of the more complicated ones in 5000×3000 and submit, then that’d be really appreciated. You can upload them on and link me, it should keep the original quality. If it has a symbol on it, could you also please upload a transparent png of it too?

  • Chevrons have every chevron I’ve made in there. 
  • Templates are for ya’ll to make your own HQ flags without having to draw out the stripes each time, and they’re all the “standard” 5000×3000 I use in my gallery. 
  • Scraps are random flags I’ve (usually) created that don’t have a term to go with them and are perfectly free to claim for something you ID with. Just be sure to send me a message saying you intend to use it for something so more than one person doesn’t use the same flag for two different things. 
  • Uploaded is for things I’ve uploaded to the DA but haven’t posted yet. I move them to “Posted” when I do. And then I move them to their own organized folders when I upload them to the main tumblog.
  • Everything else should be self explanatory I think.