Sooo…. My mom thinks gender nonbinary isn&rs…

Sooo…. My mom thinks gender nonbinary isn’t Trans. I tried explaining why trans people wear binders and such, and she said, and I quote, “If an actual Trans person was talking to me about this, I would shut up, but you aren’t Trans…”… I almost screamed. But instead I told her, “I need a second” walked away. How do I explain to my mom That I have experienced disphoria? And I know why it sucks to not be Cis?

i think that your mom is under the impression that being trans and nonbinary are different identities. and they can be but aren’t all the time. 

but based on your ask i’m understanding that you’re using trans as an umbrella term which is totally valid because one of the most basic definitions of trans is identifying as something other than the gender you were assigned at birth. so trans is an umbrella term for all nonbinary identities and for transmasc/fem people and for binary tran men/women. 

if you identify as both trans and nonbinary then that is also valid. 

one suggestion that i have is maybe deciding on a more specific than trans. not because only using trans as your label is invalid, but because it can help you explain how your identify more specifically. having those terms might help you in this situation and having the right words to describe yourself can help alleviate some dysphoria and help you validate your feelings. that’s how it helped me. 

but regardless of anything i said before anyone who isn’t cis can experience dysphoria. there are many nonbinary people that experience dysphoria and choose to wear binders (to use your specific example). 

to use myself as and example i am a nonbinary trans fem demigirl. i hardly feel “100% female” so most of the time i do identify as strictly nonbinary. i also experience a lot of social dysphoria. idk if this will convince your mom but here’s something you can show her:

i (mod stevie from genderfluxthings on tumblr) experience dysphoria and i am nonbinary. 

there’s also a nonbinary youtuber named Ash Hardell who is having top surgery and plans to go on T. they identify as nonbinary. 

here are a few videos you might find helpful: 

Ash coming out as trans:

Ash having a converastion with her mom about being trans over the phone.