It occurs to me that there isn’t enough positivity for amab enbies. If this is how you ID, here’s some love to you!

You’re not a trans woman, you’re not a cis man, you’re a delightful enby! You are how you say you are, you are how you feel you are. It doesn’t matter how you dress, walk, talk, or act. It doesn’t matter if you’ve medically transitioned in any way or not. It doesn’t matter if you act femme or masc. What matters is how you identify, what’s inside your heart, and what labels make you happy!

If you’re an enby, you’re an enby, whatever that means to you. Nobody has any right to tell you otherwise. Nobody has any right to force the binary definition of nonbinary identity onto you. Be enby in your own way, fuck anyone who tries to control your identity! Power to you!