Dear trans* girls


Okay first of all, you are valid. You are SO valid. Whether you’re mtf, demigirl, bigender, genderfluid, etc, you are VALID. SO VALID. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, because you are VALID. I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE VALIDATED. V A L I D A T I O N. You DESERVE it. You DESERVE VALIDATION. 

Second of all, LEARN HOW TO DO THE TOWEL THINGIE WITH YO HAIR. Where you wrap it up like a unicorn horn on top of yo head. It can be done with short hair. Learn it and wear it. Wear it after showers. Wear it to bed, or if you’re closeted, just wear it while you brush your teeth and shit then take it off before you out of the bathroom. It’s like a stereotype that all girls know how to do this, n so just knowing that u kno it can be really validating!!!! 

Ily! You’re valid!!!!