So I recently found out that I'm genderfl…

So I recently found out that I'm genderflux, and I'm having trouble with thinking that it's not a real thing since I've seen it on flop accounts. Any advice?

Typically, when I’m struggling to feel valid, I try to surround myself with people and other things that help me cope. If you have any friends, who know of and are accepting of your gender identity, talk to them about it. Just having someone to reassure me that it’s not all in my head tends to help me. If you don’t have access to someone like that, there are plenty of people online (especially those who follow this blog) who will most likely be willing to talk to you about this. If you’re anxious about talking about those options, we have a tremendous amount of positivity posts you can look over to help remind yourself that you aren’t in this alone and that there are tons of other people who have and who are still feeling the way you are now.

I hope one of those options can help you. 🙂 Followers, please also leave some other suggestions in the comments if you have any.