~My Gender Explination~

Everyone is born with a light that effects how each person sees the world and even how we feel. They vary in brightness and color. Most people have a light that is always the same. They get so use to it that they stop noticing how it colors their world. Mine light isn’t that simple.

I was born with a light that can change its color and brightness. Most of the time, my light is similar to magenta, only with a bit of blue mixed in. People call it pink and I’m okay with that. It’s close enough to magenta even if it isn’t an exact match.

Some days, my light turns completely magenta. It’s kinda rare for me. I’m usually fine with it, but sometimes it’s such a bright blinding magenta that it can get annoying. I can’t change my light myself though because it works on its own, so I accept the color and intensity and keep going.

There are days when the color of my light is made up of equal parts magenta and blue. It creates a pretty color, but the color is not pink. For years I didn’t understand why I didn’t like it when people looked at my light on those days and called it pink. Eventually I realized it was because the colors together created violet. My friends were happy to finally have a word to call my light on those days, but not everybody was so kind.

Some days, my light is turned off or is just barely on at all. On those days, I don’t care what color others call my light. Unlike violet days, the color that people call me doesn’t seem to matter when it’s like that. However, everybody is different and some people appreciate their absence of light acknowledged.

It’s weird that some people think I can chance my light if I try hard enough. I don’t pick a random color out of a hat just to frustrate others either. I was born with this light and even before I knew what to call its colors, it was always there.

The cool thing about having a light that changes colors and brightness is that it pushed me to learn about a bunch of different lights that I would have never learned about otherwise. I can only imagine what it’s like for people with a green light, white light, or a light that is always out, but I’m really happy they exist because they see the world differently than everybody else and there’s nothing wrong with that. ^_^


Light: gender

Brightness: how intensely you feel your gender

Magenta: female

Blue: male

Violet: androgyne or bigender (depending on the person and how they define the term)

Absence of light: agender

Green: third gender

White: pangender