So, i guess i'm not as cis as i thought? …

So, i guess i'm not as cis as i thought? All my friends are LGBT, so we have a hell of a safe space. Returning at the matter in hand, yesterday my friends made me realize "wait there is more than the 3 genders like male female and nonbinary?" So i researched because sometimes i felt a little bit off as totally female? And then– BAM! I saw that genderflux people exist. I think i fluctuate between demi-girl and female, but i'm not sure. Is there any tips to help people to figure it out?

i’m so glad you found out more about yourself! 

also just as an fyi nonbinary is a gender but it’s also an umbrella term for a ton of genders under that umbrella. that umbrella includes tras people who are also nb and genderflux/genderfluid people, and a lot more. 

there really aren’t any because each person is different. if you read the definition of genderflux and you thought that it fit you then that’s what you are. no one can decide your gender besides you so if you identify as genderflux then that’s how you id. 

here are a ton of nonbinary resources in cse you need them: