I love that “if you’re nonbinary you’re legendary” (hey it rhymes!) post but hey, let’s give some appreciation for the non legendary nonbinary/genderless pokes!

I mean, if you’re nonbinary, that just means you can literally be anything !!

Look at you! Your identity is your own, and nobody can predict you! You’re amazing! Sure, some people can call you weird since you can identify as a lot of things at a time, but that’s how you are! You’re amazing!

Speaking of unpredictable- maybe you haven’t found out what you are yet, but you just know you don’t fit in the binary. Well, that’s ok!

When the time comes, you’ll really shine !!!

Oh well-

Look at this! A beauty from the depths, lurking around in the shadows and showing off how amazing you are, eh? Well no wonder! You’re one of a kind, and you look so unique! Your name is so lovely as well!

You may look rusty, but your identity is fierce!

Or maybe you’re more of a “misfit”- your gender identity maybe can’t be described by a label? That’s completely alright! You don’t need them! Just know you’re incredible and are doing really well!

Or maybe you feel connected with one (or more!) of the binary identities, huh? Well then, welcome! You look as glamorous as a galaxy, and are as valid as such!

Or perhaps, who knows, you look more masculine, and people read you as a man? But you’re, still, nonbinary! Your identity glows within you and you shine with it! Don’t let others intimidate you, you are what you say you are!

Or even still, you present yourself in a feminine way? Well, who cares! You’re still nonbinary, if you say so yourself!

Your identity is gleaming, shining, gorgeous! Keep on going, you’re magical!

And and, who knows? Maybe your identity floats, and partially resembles others from time to time, without actually being said identity. Well, if you identify as that, you are that identity! You may not know entirely what your feelings are about yourself, but what you know by now is enough!

Oh, oof- that was a lot! I really can’t talk enough about how much y’all are valid and unique, but I don’t wanna write more than I already have and bore y’all with even more cheesiness!

Remember: whatever your identity is, its valid, gorgeous, and you! Matter!

Thanks for the read! I love you