I really need some help with understanding som…

I really need some help with understanding some things about myself. For a long while now, I've identified as Transgender Agender Non-Binary and Masc-Aligned, I've came out since then but now I find myself re-questioning my gender, so I just simply thought, maybe I'm just a Demi-Boy? But I also still feel Agender. So maybe I'm Bigender or Genderflux??? Ive never felt 100% Male or 100% Female and it makes me dysphoric thinking about it. Do you have any clue what's going on my with my gender?

since you id as nonbinary you’re under the trans umbrella so if you want to use the term trans you totally can. i id as a trans fem, nb demigirl. but most of the time i do feel agender. but i do id as a girl sometimes so that’s why i use the term demigirl. 

genderflux is how intensely you feel a gender throughout the day. so if you feel like a boy sometimes during the day then demiboy fits you. if you feel like the intensity of feeling like a boy increases or decreases throughout the day then genderflux also fits you. so if both of those fit you then bigender also fits you. 

besides nonbinary and genderqueer there’s no umbrella term that covers all of those labels. if you just want to use an umbrella term to describe your gender to other people you can. you don’t have to use the other labels you id with when coming out. when i come out i usually just say that i’m trans fem and nb.