I just can't find the right labels. I&#03…

I just can't find the right labels. I'm some days I'm cis(afab), others I'm agender, others I'm demigirl, some I'm terragirl/lunirgirl or lunarian, and it's so confusing because I like being called my birth name and chosen name(artemis) just as much. I hate getting told I'm faking because I wake up feeling different from day-to-day

you are definitely not faking. if those are the labels that describe your gender then they are 100% valid. i’m sure that you’re already considered these but do the umbrella terms nonbinary or genderqueer fit you? it seems like you have your micro labels chosen but there’s nothing wrong with using an umbrella term to describe your gender. sometimes it can also be easier to say i’m nonbinary and i use they/them pronouns (for example). genderfluid might also fit you. it’s kind of an umbrella term but is also more specific than nonbinary or genderqueer. 

from our FAQ: 

8. How can I tell if I’m faking it or if I’m really nonbinary?

If you’re worried you’re faking it, then you’re not faking it. People who are faking it (who have got to be such a minority that this is not really a thing) 100% know they are faking it because they are doing it on purpose. What you are feeling is self-doubt brought on by living in a cisnormative and exorsexist/transphobic society that insists you can only be one specific gender, preferably the one randomly and coercively assigned to you at birth and denies the existence of nonbinary people altogether. There is nothing wrong with exploring your gender. It can take years worth of time to really come to grips with, understand, and accept being nonbinary thanks to lack of visibility, representation, resources, accept, and support. That doesn’t make you a faker – it makes you human.

6. Can I identify as just nonbinary/genderqueer/trans?

Yes! Microlabels and more specific labels are great but they are not necessary! Plenty of people identify as just nonbinary/genderqueer/trans and nothing further. You do not owe anyone anything further, including yourself. Nonbinary/genderqueer/trans are both specific and umbrella terms.