I honestly don’t understand the concept …

I honestly don’t understand the concept of gender. What is feeling a gender anyway?? Is it gender stereotypes? Is it societal norms and expectations? What does it even mean to be a gender? I mean I just wanna dress however makes me look most fabulous. If I think I look nice don’t care how others interpret me. I asked someone once what makes you a girl exactly and they said “Huh… idk just am.” And I’m like ??? How tho??? Why tho??? Explain?? Idk labels are confusing sometimes haha

from the FAQ of another nonbinary blog:

. What is gender?

There is no easy answer to this question. Gender is a complex concept. It may be a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological feelings. Either or both gender dysphoria and gender euphoria can play a part in your relationship to gender – or neither might. You can try looking through sites like genderislike to get an idea of the different relationships we all have with gender, but there is no easy explanation to what gender is and no easy way for you to pinpoint what yours is.