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Lets make axolotls trans mascot. Why? Because they’re ultra cute and amazing like trans people

LGBT+ game recommend!

LGBT+ game recommend! :

Hey everyone! Cookie Run has a bunch of lgbtq characters (including some nonbinary ones), and I just wanted to get the word out about this game to help support the creators. ^^ Plus it’s entertaining too.

I want to help games with lgbt characters become more popular, and thus hopefully make games with lgbt characters the norm. I initially learned about being trans from a video game, which drastically changed my life and helped me make sense of myself, so games like this have always held a special place in my heart.

I highly recommend you give it a shot, plus the link will get both of us some rare goodies. ^^

Even if you’re not interested in games, I’d love it if were to reblog this, just to help get the word out there.

(I’m not sure if that link will work on things other than iPhones.)



Me (@glasswolfvi) : I found an industrial bar with a bee on it for you

@ashtonferrets: well I guess it’s fitting cause I’m an en-BEE

Me: *stares in silent disappointment*


Dear afab trans people

You’re still valid if you have to shop in the kid’s section!

You’re still valid if you have to purchase kid’s shoes!

You’re still valid if you have trouble finding clothes small enough to fit!


Dear Nonbinary people

Your gender is just as valid as binary trans people! You are an important part of the LGBT+ community! You deserve the same respect and love that other trans people do!




I love enbys more than I love grapes

And @ashtonferrets can attest to my love of grapes


I despise terfs more than I hate avocados

And you have no clue how much I hate avocados


Here is your reminder that it’s ok for your gender identity to change!


Someone else’s gender identity is not your decision!

You do not get to chose if someone does or does not identify as trans!

Do not try to push the trans label onto other people!