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Yeah sex is great and all but have you ever had the satisfaction of finding the right label for yourself after months or years?


There is nothing more soul crushing than passing, then someone your not out to corrects them


Lets make axolotls trans mascot. Why? Because they’re ultra cute and amazing like trans people


Dear afab trans people

You’re still valid if you have to shop in the kid’s section!

You’re still valid if you have to purchase kid’s shoes!

You’re still valid if you have trouble finding clothes small enough to fit!

This fact has been confirmed by science

This fact has been confirmed by science

Mudkip trans icon! (Free to use! No permissio…

Mudkip trans icon!
(Free to use! No permission needed!)





99% of my problems

  • The tit

I relate to this on a spiritual level



I’ve realized I’m not genderflux

Hey everyone! Skyler here, if you don’t know, I’m the original person who started this blog and is change of most activity. Anyhow, onto what this is about.

After identitying as genderflux for two years, I’ve recently realized after some questioning that the label no longer fits me, I’m actually a trans boy. For the past 5 months, my gender hasn’t changed at all, (previous it changed really frequently) and the label genderflux now makes me feel uncomfortable, like the way transboy used to. But now, just saying I’m a trans boy makes me feel comfortable and feels right. So now, I’ve started identifying as a trans boy, and that makes me a lot more comfortable and happier.

I’ll continue to post on here regularly! And even if I’m not genderflux myself, I still 100% support genderflux people and other non-binary identities.


Here is your reminder that it’s ok for your gender identity to change!