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There is nothing more soul crushing than passing, then someone your not out to corrects them


Lets make axolotls trans mascot. Why? Because they’re ultra cute and amazing like trans people


Dear Nonbinary people

Your gender is just as valid as binary trans people! You are an important part of the LGBT+ community! You deserve the same respect and love that other trans people do!

Educate me?


Can someone explain to me the difference between Pansexual and Polysexual?

Also, the difference among Genderfluid, Genderflux, and Genderqueer? 

Just an open-minded, cis hetero (arguably demisexual – that’s still up for debate) woman trying to get this right! 

Genderflux people fluctuate from agender, to demigender, to a gender. For example, a genderflux person could feel agender (lacking a gender) one day, the next feel like a demiboy (somewhere in between agender and a boy), and then the next day feel 100% like a boy. However, their gender does not fluctuate to feeling feminine, for example.

People who identity as genderfluid’s gender can change to anything. One day they can be masculine, one day feminine, one day in their middle and another day nothing at all.

There are various definitions out there of genderqueer, but the main three are

  1. Genderqueer people choose not to identify themselves with any gender.
  2. 2. Genderqueer is similar to nonbinary and means identifying somewhere beyond male or female.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, I’m happy to try to help you. ^^ It makes me happy to see open-minded people wanting to learn about this topic.

For a bit more information about the definition of genderflux, please check out our FAQ! And for an excellent metaphor about the difference between genderflux and genderfluid, please check out this post.



I despise terfs more than I hate avocados

And you have no clue how much I hate avocados


Here is your reminder that it’s ok for your gender identity to change!

Amazing news! The New Hampshire House has vote…

Amazing news! The New Hampshire House has voted to pass legislation adding comprehensive non-discrimination protections for transgender people! This is a historic win, and we’re thrilled to be a founding and leading member of @FreedomNH, the campaign to pass this bill. Share this to keep the momentum going through a Senate vote, and read more on what this means:


Are you an “All my songs are gay” enby or “All my song are emo” enby?

TSA takes on issue of improving transgender sc…

TSA takes on issue of improving transgender screening:

The National Center for Trans Equality reports that 43% of transgender adults who had flown on a plane in the past year reported reporting a negative experience such as being patted down by an officer of the wrong gender or being loudly questioned about their body parts at a checkpoint. This is unacceptable and we must work to get the word out.