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Hi! I had a question about gender and I was hoping you could help clarify something, please. I don’t quite yet know how to explain this but I feel female most of the time but sometimes it feels as if I am androgynous, having both genders at the same time. Does my intensity of feeling female decrease (so am I gender-flux) or do I feel two genders (female and androgynous)? Is there a gender assigned for this (like bi-gender as I experience two), and if so, what is it called? Thanks for this blog:)

yes bigender is a term that exists so you can be genderflux and bigender. 

genderflux is when gender intensity changes, right?? so what’s the difference between a genderflux demigirl and a genderflux girl. won’t a genderflux girl experience being a demigirl, because her gender intensity changes?

no a demigirl is someone who identifies partially as a girl. it has nothing to do with the intensity of how they experience their gender. 

but yes your genderflux definition is right. 

I’m pretty sure I’m genderflux, but at the same time I’m really confused. How can I be sure?

if you’re questioning your gender identity and you think that genderflux is a word that describes your gender then use it. that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a better word or words later that might describe your gender better. 

if you don’t want to use genderflux or any other specific terms you can just use nonbinary or genderqueer. they’re both umbrella terms for all nonbinary genders. 

if you don’t think that genderflux fits your or you want to find another term that will fit you better check here:

if you still need help send in another ask. 

Do you know anywhere that sells good swim binders? I’m most dysphoric when I swim.

this website has information about swimming binders and the men’s locker room:

you can only swim in binders that are meant for swimming. 

here are some trans masc resources for swimming:

and here are more trans masc resources if you need them:

this is a super dumb question but are genderflux and genderfluid people part of the trans community? and non-binary community?

yes genderflux and genderfluid are under the nonbinary umbrella. someone can be trans and nonbinary or in this case genderfluid and/or genderflux.


happy birthday!! 

Any tips on how to pass ftm without owning a proper binder?

here are some trans masc. resources specifically for passing:

and here are more trans masc. resources:

Hey! Do you mind telling me what truscum and genderflux is? I’ve heard both terms bounced around a lot but I can’t find out what they mean

a truscum is someone who thinks that a tran or nonbinary person has to experience dysphoria to be valid as a trans or nonbinary person. 

the definition genderflux from our FAQ:

Genderflux is an identity where your gender fluctuates between agender and a gender. For example, you could fluctuate between agender (feeling genderless) demiboy (feeling somewhere between 100% boy and agender) and male.

Is there a way to tell what gender/sexuality you are? Like a test or something.

here is a resource that can help you figure your gender out. it’s not a test but it has questions to help you:

Hey, Im a little confused because I thought non-binary was a gender label but someone told me today the Nb was being cis and having a trans partner?

non binary is a gender label. it’s an identity by itself but it’s also an umbrella term for other nonbinary genders like genderflux, genderfluid, agender, and demi girl/boy.