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so there’s this girl at my school who sa…

so there’s this girl at my school who says she’s omni but I asked her what genders she likes out of curiosity, and she said “males females and trans” so wouldn’t THAT be bi? Because trans men and women are still men and women, right? She doesn’t know much of anything about lgbt stuff so maybe she’s just misinterpreting gender but idk it infuriated me as a trans woman to have her admit she doesn’t think of me as a woman

i understand how it made you mad but honestly if she wants to claim the word omni she can. she may not be using it correctly but if she’s transphobic or a terf trying to change her mind isn’t worth it. 


in case you won’t hear this from anyone else today:

happy thanksgiving. i know the holidays can be tough for some LGBT+ people so I wanted to make this post to let you know that you are loved.

So, i guess i'm not as cis as i thought? …

So, i guess i'm not as cis as i thought? All my friends are LGBT, so we have a hell of a safe space. Returning at the matter in hand, yesterday my friends made me realize "wait there is more than the 3 genders like male female and nonbinary?" So i researched because sometimes i felt a little bit off as totally female? And then– BAM! I saw that genderflux people exist. I think i fluctuate between demi-girl and female, but i'm not sure. Is there any tips to help people to figure it out?

i’m so glad you found out more about yourself! 

also just as an fyi nonbinary is a gender but it’s also an umbrella term for a ton of genders under that umbrella. that umbrella includes tras people who are also nb and genderflux/genderfluid people, and a lot more. 

there really aren’t any because each person is different. if you read the definition of genderflux and you thought that it fit you then that’s what you are. no one can decide your gender besides you so if you identify as genderflux then that’s how you id. 

here are a ton of nonbinary resources in cse you need them:

Hi, I have a problem, more than a problem I th…

Hi, I have a problem, more than a problem I think something is wrong with me bc I'm an afab girlflux and sometimes I feel very dysphoric and bind, but when I finish and got like a minute binded my whole mind is like "no, get this off!" like, it gets worse BUT after I finally got my binder off I'm like "bind, you need it" and I don't know what to do because I really feel bad while dysphoric.

do you know why you feel the need to unbind after you do it? 

it could be that you’re claustrophobic and having something like that so close and around you might make you feel like you need to take it off. i think that knowing why you want to take it off is important because if you know why maybe you can deal with that problem first and then bind after. 

Hey, I recently came out as pan and nb to my p…

Hey, I recently came out as pan and nb to my parents + mom's side of the family. Can you recommend some resources, preferably written by pan/ nb people, for me to show them? The ones that came up on a google search were unsatisfactory. (They already know the basic definitions)

here are a ton of nonbinary resources:

I use she/her pronouns, and they make me comfo…

I use she/her pronouns, and they make me comfortable. But, if somebody uses they/them pronouns for me, it's also comfortable. Could I use both she and they?

of course! you can use whatever pronouns you want. 

Repeat after me: I don’t know a stranger…

Repeat after me: I don’t know a strangers pronouns and if I misgender them it is ok to correct me. Ones comfort and identity security matters more than my opinions on the subject. It takes zero effort to be a decent and respectful person.


Repeat after me: I don't give a fuck abo…

Repeat after me: I don't give a fuck about your pronouns I don't automatically know your made up pronouns when i see you I am not going out of my way to stop you and ask your pronouns when i don't know you.

repeat after me: you’re a fucking asshole that needs to fuck off. 

from the replies: 

Join the rest of the world buddy. You really think that we expect respect for our pronouns? From everyone? Without explaining ourselves? Without gadging if that person is safe to ask to use different pronouns? Are you kidding me? What rock have you shoved your head under? Way to be completely oblivious of how trans people actually live our lives. Also, it’s pretty funny that you think sending one generic reaction… is news to anyone. We’re aware. We don’t care.




Dear Dutch non-binary friends and followers,

There’s a chance you’ve heard it already, but in case you haven’t:

It is now in the law that discriminating someone based on their gender identity, gender expression and/or gender characteristics is illegal. It’s forbidden.

So next time someone doesn’t acknowledge your gender identity, they’re breaking the law.

The law was created a while back and passed the Tweede Kamer on July 3rd. It should pass the Eerste Kamer in no time.


D66 Twitter/Website

NOS article

– Emma

nice adding:

CDA-member Van der Molen, talking about how vague and irrelevant the new law is: “How useful are the words genderneutral and intersex? […] You’d almost have to register who has a uterus when the [government] wants to hold a national screening for a research of cervical cancer.”

tbh i don’t think this is a bad idea.