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Hi-would you mind reblogging my last post? I&r…

Hi-would you mind reblogging my last post? I’m trying to raise money for my boyfriend’s top surgery and I don’t have many followers. I would greatly appreciate it (:

i’m having trouble finding it. can you send another ask with a direct link or reblog it so that it’s it’s at the top of your blog? 

happy pride!!

happy pride!!

happy pride! 

Heiio. I have been out as Ftm to my family in…

Heiio. I have been out as Ftm to my family in almost two years. Before I came out as so, I identified as genderfluid. (I only came out as Ftm Bc my fam did not understand fluid..) So. That’s two years ago, Yeah. I’m soonly going to start T (IIIIH!), But, I dont know If I should COME out as nonbinary/flux Or just stay in? I’m really afraid They wont let me on T if I COME out as that.. Help pleace. -A human Who is very anxious about their T. Eh.

if your family already accepts you and uses the right pronouns and if it will risk you getting t then i wouldn’t come out. 

Is it ok to identify as trans and Genderflux?

Is it ok to identify as trans and Genderflux?

yes. no matter how you identify or what labels you use you are valid! 

So, quick question. Even though genderflux is …

So, quick question. Even though genderflux is a form of gender fluid, is it still ok to identify as non-binary as a genderflux? Or is it closer to gender fluid?

nonbinary is an umbrella term for both genderflux and genderfluid and for other genders like agender or trigender. so yes identifying as both nonbinary and fluxfluid (genderfluid/genderflux) is valid. whatever labels you choose to use are valid. 

Hey I really like singular they/ them pronouns…

Hey I really like singular they/ them pronouns but I'm struggling a bit with the verb conjugation. Is it "This is Alex. They ARE a nice person. They HAVE a dog." ?? Or should I use IS and HAS instead?

no you had it right the first time. “they are a nice person. they have a dog.” is right. 

I’m afab and I’m not sure if I&rsq…

I’m afab and I’m not sure if I’m nb or pretty much cis (I definitely don’t consider myself to be trans and I never feel masculine), but I vary between sorta feeling female and not really feeling a gender, I’m kinda confused on what exactly the concept of gender is supposed to feel like tbh, am I genderflux or something else? How do I know if I’m actually cis?

because you’re questioning your gender, that probably means you’re not cis. even if do realize that you’re cis that’s still valid. there’s nothing wrong with questioning your gender. 

i would say that genderflux fits you pretty well. there isn’t a way that i can describe how “gender is supposed to feel”. in my opinion we all experience gender in our own way. 

here’s a resource that can help you figure out your gender:

So like MOGAI is a thing that I found out abou…

So like MOGAI is a thing that I found out about today and was exploring it and found out it gets a lot of hate? But.. it’s just another LGBT acronym… why is it getting hate?

Hey, I’ve been asking around but, I&rsqu…

Hey, I’ve been asking around but, I’m fluidflux and I was wondering if it would be weird or annoying for me to go by two names. Most of the time I feel very masculine but then I have days when I feel kinda feminine and the name I chose and fits most of the time doesn’t fit on those days so it’s weird. Would it work to use pins for my name? Like the pronoun pins but for my name? I’d use Raphael for the masculine days and Quinn for the more feminine days.

no that’s totally valid and not annoying at all. i think that using different buttons is a really good idea. if you don’t want to buy new buttons then you could take some old ones and make something in Microsoft word or something, print it out and paste it onto the old buttons. if you don’t have any old buttons to use hot topic still sells buttons. so you could just buy a few of those. 

the only possible problem that i see with going by two names is that someone who doesn’t understand nonbinary stuff in general may not understand fluidflux. so if you want your friends to use your names then you might have to explain why you want them to do that. so if your friends are accepting then i would expect that they won’t have a problem with it. 

i’m saying all of this because it’s not realistic to expect everyone to use both names or even one of them. i also go by two names and my parents know both of them and refuse to use either one and still use my birth name. so not everyone is accepting or understanding of fluidflux people. it’ll depend on who you’re out to and who among those people are accepting. 

(Sorry if you’ve already seen this, I&rs…

(Sorry if you’ve already seen this, I’m resending it just in case) Could you be polygender and genderflux? Because right now I’m questioning and pretty sure I’m polygender though, and I feel like the way my genders go is that I feel bits and pieces of all of them at the same time, but sometimes on gender gets stronger than the others. Like I don’t feel WHOLLY nonbinary one day, it’s just like “I have a little of everything, but I feel more nonbinary today.” Could that work?

if you think that genderflux and polygender fit you then those are the labels you should use. and yes it is possible to be both. just like any other gender identity being both is totally valid! 

if you still need help finding your label check here:

from the replies:

You’re always allowed to modify labels too- polygenderflux might work for you!